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imageobjectcomplainant nationrespondentrespondent nationinitiatedresolvedoutcome
3,000 Manuscripts, saga texts and historical documents Iceland Government Denmark 1830 1997 Repatriated
Samoei's head gear, shoes and removed head Kenya Government United Kingdom 1907 - Unresolved
204 watercolor paintings: Greenlandic Greenland National Museum Denmark 1913 1982 Repatriation
35,000 archaeological and ethnographic artifacts: Greenlandic Greenland National Museum Denmark 1913 1984 Repatriation
Regalia of Oba Ovonramwen Nigeria Government United Kingdom 1914 1938 Repatriation
ceramic artifacts, pottery shards, jewelry, tools, human bones, and metal objects Peru Yale University United States 1918 2010 Repatriation
Sandstone: 7 bas-reliefs Cambodia Andre Malraux France 1923 1923 Repatriation
Army Banner Poland Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) United States 1939 2011 Repatriation
Metal, jewel, jade: Helmet and Armor of Gojong (Ogura Collection) South Korea Government Japan 1945 - Unresolved
Diamond: Kohinoor Diamond India Government United Kingdom 1947 2010 Not repatriated
Book: 90 royal books taken by Hirobumi Ito South Korea Government Japan 1965 1965 Repatriation
Afo-A-Kom Cameroon A. Furman United States 1966 1973 Repatriation
Euphronios Krater Italy Metropolitan Museum of art United States 1973 2008 Repatriation
Bronze Statue India Norton Simon Foundation United States 1973 1976 Repatriation
Eye of Amenhotep III Egypt Private collector Germany 1975 2008 Repatriation
Dyad of Horemheb and his Wife Egypt Unknown Unknown 1975 - Unresolved
Golden Greco-Roman Bracelets Egypt Unknown Unknown 1975 - Unresolved
200 works of Art and 1,000 ethnographic items Democratic Republic of the Congo Belgium Royal Museum Belgium 1977 1977 Repatriation
Wood: Motonui Panels New Zealand George Ortiz (art collector), Sotheby Parke Bernet (auctioneer), Lance Entwhistle United Kingdom 1978 1983 Not repatriated
Wall Murals Mexico Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco United States 1978 1986 Repatriation